Liste des DVDs Classics et leurs bonus

Ceux avec un lien sont sous titrés en français.

Source : tardis wikia

Cette source n’est pas fiable à 100% : si vous repérez des erreurs ou si vous connaissez d’autres bonus, n’hésitez pas à le dire.

Premier Docteur

An Unearthly Child
(coffret the beginning)
Pilot Episode Studio Recording (all existing raw footage) ; The Pilot Episode ; Theme Music Video ; Comedy Sketches (The Pitch of Fear ; The Web of Caves ; The Kidnappers ; The Corridor Sketch)
The Daleks
(coffret the beginning)
Creation of The Daleks
The Edge of Destruction
(coffret the beginning)
Doctor Who : Origins ; Over the Edge ; Inside the Spaceship ; Masters of Sound ; PDF Documents ; Arabic Soundtrack ; Marco Polo condensed audio version with slideshow
The Keys of Marinus The Sets of Marinus ; Sweet cigarette cards (PDF) ; Radio Times Listings
The Aztecs Remembering The Aztecs ; Designing the Aztecs ; Cortez & Montezuma ; Restoring the Aztecs ; Arabic Soundtrack ; Making Cocoa ; Tardis Cam 3
Sur l’édition spéciale : Intro Sequences ; Galaxy 4 (A reconstruction of the missing story Galaxy 4, using off-screen stills, audio recordings and animation plus the recently recovered episode three) ; Chronicle – The Realms of God; Doctor Forever! – The Celestial Toyroom ; It’s a square World; A Whole Scene Going (An interview with director Gordon Flemyng and a look at filming of his film Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 AD) ; Radio Times Listenings (DVD ROM) ; Easter Egg ; Photo Gallery; Coming Soon Trailer Digitally Remastered
The Sensorites Looking for Peter ; Vision On ; Secret Voices of the Sense Sphere
The Reign of Terror Don’t Lose Your Head ; Set Tour ; Animation Design Gallery
Planet of Giants Reconstruction of the original third and fourth episodes ; Rediscovering The Urge to Live ; Suddenly Susan ; The Lambert Tapes ; The Doctor ; Prop Design Plans (DVD-ROM)
The Dalek Invasion of Earth Future Memories ; Future Visions ; Talking Daleks ; Now & Then ; Script to Screen ; Whatever Happened to Susan Foreman? ; The Dalek Invasion of Earth ; Dalek Cakes
The Rescue Mounting The Rescue
The Romans What has « The Romans » ever done for us? ; Wanna Write a Television Series? ; Roma Parva ; Blue Peter
The Web Planet Tales of Isop ; The Lair of Zarbi Supremo ; Doctor Who Annual 1966 ; Spanish Soundtrack ; Give-a-Show Slides
The Space Museum Defending the Museum ; My Grandfather The Doctor ; A Holiday for the Doctor ; Radio Times listings (PDF)
The Chase Cusick in Cardiff ; The Thrill of the Chase ; Last Stop White City ; Daleks Conquer and Destroy ; Daleks Beyond the Screen ; Shawcraft ; The Original Monster Makers ; Follow That Dalek ; Give a Show Slides ; Radio Times listings (PDF)
The Time Meddler Verity Lambert Obituary ; Verity Lambert Gallery ; Stripped for Action ; The First Doctor ; The Lost Twelve Seconds ; Restoration ; Radio Times Billings
The Ark All’s Well That Ends Well ; One Hit Wonder ; Riverside Story
The Gunfighters
(Doctor Who: Earth Story Box Set)
The End of the Line ; Tomorrow’s Times: The First Doctor
The War Machines Now & Then ; Blue Peter ; One Foot in the Past ; Wotan Assembly ; War Machine Design Plan ; Radio Times Billings
Lost in Time Introductions to The Crusade VHS release with William Russell ; The Last Dalek ; The Missing Years

Deuxième Docteur

The Underwater Menace Commentaires sur les épisodes ; avec interviews d’acteurs ; A Fishy Tale : le making of ; The Television Centre of the Universe – Part Two
The Moonbase Lunar Landing ; Photo Gallery ; PDF Materials ; Coming Soon
The Tomb of the Cybermen
(Doctor Who: Revisitations 3 Box Set)
Introduction by Morris Barry ; Late Night Line-Up ; Tombwatch ; The Final End ; Title Sequence Tests ; Restoration
Sur l’édition spéciale : disque 1 : Morris Barry Introduction ; Title Sequance Tests ; Late Night Line-up ; The Final End ; Coming Soon ; disque 2 : Lost Giants ; The Curse of the Cybermen’s Tomb ; Cybermen Extended Edition
The Dominators Recharge and Equalise ; Tomorrow’s Times ; The Second Doctor
The Mind Robber The Fact of Fiction ; The Making of ‘The Mind Robber’ ; Highlander ; The Jamie McCrimmon Story ; Basil Brush
The Invasion Flash Frames ; Love Off-Air ; Trailers ; Character Design ; Evolution of the Invasion ; VHS Links ; two episodes restored via animation
The Krotons Second Time Around, The Troughton Years (partie 1 ; partie 2) ; Doctor Who Stories: Frazer Hines (partie 1 ; partie 2) ; The Doctor’s Strange Love: The Krotons
The Seeds of Death
(Doctor Who: Revisitations 2 Box Set)
Sssowing The Ssseedsss ; The Last Dalek ; New Zealand Censor Clips ; Tardis Cam 5
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
The War Games War Zone ; Shades of Grey ; Now & Then ; The Doctor’s Composer ; Sylvia James ; In Conversation ; Talking about Regeneration ; Time Zones ; Stripped for Action ; The Second Doctor ; On Target ; Malcolm Hulke ; Devious fan film excerpt ; PDF material

Troisième Docteur

Spearhead from Space
(Doctor Who Mannequin Mania Box Set)
UNIT Recruitment Film ; Trailers
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
Doctor Who and the Silurians
(Doctor Who: Beneath The Surface Box Set)
(Doctor Who – The Monster Collection: Silurians)
Isolated Music ; What Lies Beneath ; Going Underground ; Now & Then ; Musical Scales ; Colour Siliurian Overlay ; Radio Times Billings
The Ambassadors of Death Mars Probe 7: Making The Ambassadors of Death ; Tomorrow’s Times ; The Third Doctor
Inferno Can You Hear the Earth Scream? ; The UNIT Family (Part One) ; Deleted Scene ; Visuals Effects Promo Film ; The Pertwee Years Introduction ; Radio Times Billings ; Doctor Who Annual 1971
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
Terror of the Autons
(Doctor Who Mannequin Mania Box Set)
Life on Earth ; The Doctor’s Moriarty ; Plastic Fantastic
The Claws of Axos Behind the scenes (Deleted & Extended Scenes) ; Now & Then ; Reverse Standards Conversion ; The Axon Legacy ; Directing Who
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
Colony in Space IMC Needs You! ; From the Cutting Room Floor
The Dæmons The Devil Rides Out ; Remembering Barry Letts ; Location Film ; Colourisation Test ; Tomorrow’s World
Day of the Daleks Blasting the Past ; A View from the Gallery ; Nationwide ; Blue Peter ; Special Edition of the serial ; Making of Day of the Daleks: Special Edition ; The UNIT Family (Part 2) ; Now and Then ; The UNIT Dating Conundrum The Cheating Memory
061 The Curse of Peladon
(Doctor Who: Peladon Tales Box Set)
The Peladon Saga (Part 1) ; Warriors of Mars ; Jon and Katy ; Storyboard Comparison
062 The Sea Devils
(Doctor Who: Beneath The Surface Box Set)
Isolated Music ; Hello Sailor! ; 8mm Film ; Trails and Continuity ; The Making of Doctor Who
063 The Mutants Mutt Mad ; Race Against Time ; Blue Peter ; Dressing Doctor Who
064 The Time Monster
(Doctor Who – Myths And Legends)
Between Now… and Now! ; Restoration Comparison
065 The Three Doctors
(Doctor Who: Revisitations 3 Box Set)
Patrick Troughton Interview ; Jon Pertwee at Panopticon ; Blue Peter ; BSB Highlights ; The Five Faces of Doctor Who ; BBC 1 Trailer ; 40th Anniversary,
Sur l’édition spéciale : disque 1 : Pebble Mill at One ; Blue Peter 5/11/73 ; BSB Highlights ; « Five Faces of Doctor Who’ trail » ; BBC1 trail ; disque 2 : Happy Birthday to Who ; Was Doctor Who Rubbish ; Girls ; Girls ; Girls – 1970s ; Photo Gallery
066 Carnival of Monsters
(Doctor Who: Revisitations 2 Box Set)
Extended and Deleted Scenes ; Behind the scenes ; ‘Looking In’ ; Model Sequences ; Using CSO ; Alternative Theme Music ; Trailer ‘The Five Faces of Doctor Who’ ; Alternative Episode Ending ; Tardis Cam 2
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
067 Frontier in Space
(coffret : Dalek War)
Perfect Senario: Lost Frontier ; The Space War ; Roger Delgado: The Master ; Stripped for Action: The Third Doctor,
068 Planet of the Daleks
(coffret : Dalek War)
Perfect Senario: End of Dreams ; The Rumble in the Jungle ; Multi-colourisation ; Stripped for Action: The Daleks ; Blue Peter
069 The Green Death Global Conspiracy ? Visuals Effects ; Robert Sloman ; Stewart Bevan
Sur l’édition spéciale : The One with the Maggots ; Global Conspiracy? ; Visual Effects ; Robert Sloman Interview ; Stewart Bevan Interview ; Wales Today ; Doctor Forever – The Unquiet Dead ; What Katy Did Next ; The Sarah Jane Adventure – Death of the Doctor ; Photo Gallery ; PDF Materials
070 The Time Warrior Begining the End ; CGI Effects ; Continuity Compilation ; Radio Times Billings ; Doctor Who Annual 1974
071 Invasion of the Dinosaurs
(coffret : U.N.I.T Files)
People ; Power ; and Puppetry ; Deleted Scenes ; Now and Then ; Billy Smart’s Circus with Jon Pertwee and his Whomobile ; Doctor Who Stories : Elisabeth Sladen (partie 1 ; partie 2)
strong>072 Death to the Daleks Beneath the City of the Exxilons ; Studio Recordings ; On the Set of Dr. Who and the Daleks
073 The Monster of Peladon
(Doctor Who: Peladon Tales Box Set)
The Peladon Saga: Part Two ; Deleted Scene ; Where Are They Now? ; On Target: Terrance Dicks,
074 Planet of the Spiders The Final Curtain ; John Kane Remembers… ; Directing Who with Barry Letts ; Now and Then ; Omnibus Edition and trailer

Quatrième Docteur

075 Robot Are Friends Electric? ; The Tunnel Effect ; Blue Peter ; Radio Times Listings ; BBC Enterprise Literature
076 The Ark in Space Designing Doctor Who Roger Murray-Leach Interview ; News Item Tom Baker Interview ; Model Sequences ; CGI Feature ; BBC 1 Trailer ; Unused Title Sequence ; Tardis Cam 1 ; Space Station Schematics
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
077 The Sontaran Experiment Built for War
078 Genesis of the Daleks
(coffret the complete Davros collection)
Genesis of a Classic ; The Dalek Tapes ; Continuity Compilation ; Blue Peter ; Radio Times Billings ; Doctor Who Annual 1976
079 Revenge of the Cybermen
(Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen & Silver Nemesis Box Set)
Checks ; Lies and Videotapes ; The Tin Man and the Witch ; Location Report ; Archive interview with Tom Baker at Wookey Hole
081 Planet of Evil A Darker Side ; Planetery Performance ; Studio Scene ; Continuity Compilation ; Radio Times Billings
082 Pyramids of Mars Deleted Scenes ; Osirian Gothic ; Serial Thrillers ; Now & Then ; Oh Mummy
083 The Androids Invasion
(coffret : U.N.I.T Files)
The Village That Came to Life ; Life After Who : Phillip Hinchcliffe,
084 The Brain of Morbius Getting a Head ; Designs on Karn ; Set Tour ; Sketch Gallery ; Radio Times Listings
085 The Seeds of Doom Podshock ; Playing the Green Cathedral ; Stripped for Action ; Now and Then ; So what do you do exactly? ; Isolated Score
086 The Masque of Mandragora The Secret of the Labyrinth ; Bigger on the Inside ; Now and Then ; Unused Title Sequence ; Beneath the Masque
087 The Hand of Fear Changing Time ; Swap Shop ; Continuity Compilation ; Radio Times Billings ; Doctor Who Annual 1977
088 The Deadly Assassin The Matrix Revisited ; The Gallifrayan Candidate ; The Frighten Factor ; Radio Times Billings
089 The Face of Evil Doctor Who Stories : Louise Jameson
090 The Robots of Death
(Doctor Who: Revisitations 3 Box Set)
Featurette Model Sequences ; Featurette In-Studio included with above ; Studio Floor Plans
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
The Talons of Weng-Chiang
(Doctor Who: Revisitations 1 Box Set)
Whose Doctor Who ; Blue Peter Theatre ; Behind the scenes ; Philip Hinchcliffe Interview ; Trails and Continuity ; Tardis-Cam No 6
Sur l’édition spéciale : The Last Hurrah (making-of) ; Moving on (hypothèses sur la saison suivant si Hinchcliffe était resté) ; The Foe From the Future (sur l’histoire que ce serial a remplacé) ; Now and Then (les lieux de tournage aujourd’hui et à l’époque) ; Look East (news de l’époque) ; Victoriana and Chinoiserie (la littérature derrière cette histoire) ; Music Hall (documentaire sur la tradition théâtrale britannique) ; Limehouse- A Victorian Chinatown (contexte de l’histoire) ; Whose Doctor Who ; Blue Peter Theatre ; Philip Hinchcliffe interview ; TARDIS-cam No 6 (« a short animation ») ; et les machins habituels (commentary ; galerie photo…).
Horror of Fang Rock Terrance Dicks: Fact & Fiction ; Paddy Russell ; A Life in Television ; The Antiques Doctor Who Show
The Invisible Enemy
(coffret K9 Tales)
Dreams and Fantasy ; Studio Sweepings ; Visual Effects
Image of the Fendahl After Image ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; Trailer ; Radio Times Billings
The Sun Makers Running from the Tax Man ; The Doctor’s Composer: Part 2,
(Doctor Who – Myths And Legends)
Into the Unknown ; Underworld ; In Studio ; Radio Times listings (PDF)
The Invasion of Time Out of Time ; The Rise and Fall of Gallifrey ; The Elusive David Agnew ; Deleted Scenes ; Continuity ; Radio Times Listings
The Ribos Operation
(Doctor Who: The Key to Time Box Set)
The Ribos File ; A Matter of Time ; There’s Something About Mary
The Pirate Planet
(Doctor Who: The Key to Time Box Set)
Parrot Fashion ; Film Inserts ; Deleted Scenes & Outtakes
The Stones of Blood
(Doctor Who: The Key to Time Box Set)
Getting Blood From the Stones ; Stones Free ; Deleted Scenes ; The Model World of Robert Symes
The Androids of Tara
(Doctor Who: The Key to Time Box Set)
The Humans of Tara ; Now and Then
The Power of Kroll
(Doctor Who: The Key to Time Box Set)
Variations ; In Studio ; Philip Madoc: A Villain For All Seasons
The Armageddon Factor
(Doctor Who: The Key to Time Box Set)
Defining Shadows
Destiny of the Daleks
(coffret the complete Davros collection)
Terror Nation ; Directing Who ; CGI Effects ; Trails and Continuity ; Prime Computer Adverts ; Radio Times Billings
City of Death Paris in the Springtime ; Paris W12 ; Prehistoric Landscapes ; Chicken Wrangler ; Doctor Who Annual 1980 ; Eye on … Blatchford
The Creature from the Pit Christopher Barry: Director ; Team Erato ; Animal Magic
Nightmare of Eden The Nightmare of Television Centre ; Going Solo ; The Doctor’s Strange Love ; Ask Aspel
The Horns of Nimon
(Doctor Who – Myths And Legends)
Who Peter: Partners in Time ; Read the Writer ; Peter Howell Music Demos
The Leisure Hive A New Beginning ; From Avalon to Argolis ; Synthesizing Starfields ; Leisure Wear ; Blue Peter ; Music-only Option
Meglos Meglos Men ; The Scene Sync Story ; Jacqueline Hill: A Life in Pictures ; Entropy Explained ; Isolated Score
Full Circle
(Doctor Who: E-Space Trilogy Box Set)
All Aboard the Starliner ; E-Space: Fact or Fiction? ; Swap Shop
State of Decay
(Doctor Who: E-Space Trilogy Box Set)
The Vampire Lovers ; Leaves of Blood ; The Blood Show ; The Frayling Reading
Warriors’ Gate
(Doctor Who: E-Space Trilogy Box Set)
The Dreaming ; The Boy With the Golden Star ; Lalla’s Wardrobe ; Extended and Deleted Scenes
The Keeper of Traken
(Doctor Who: New Beginnings Box Set)
Being Nice to Each Other ; The Return of the Master ; Sarah Sutton on Swap Shop ; Music-only Option ; Trailers and Continuity Announcements ; Doctor Who Annual 1982 ; Radio Times Billings ; BBC Enterprise Literature
(Doctor Who: New Beginnings Box Set)
A New Body at Last ; Nationwide ; Pebble Mil at One ; BBC News ; Music-only Option ; Continuity Announcements ; Doctor Who Annual 1982 ; Radio Times Billings ; BBC Enterprise Literature

Cinquième Docteur

(Doctor Who: New Beginnings Box Set)
Being Doctor Who ; Directing Castrovala ; The Crowded Tardis ; Peter Davison on Blue Peter ; Peter Davison on Swap Shop ; Deleted Scenes ; Theme Music Video ; Music-only Option ; Trailers and Continuity Announcements ; Doctor Who Annual 1982 ; Radio Times Billings ; BBC Enterprise Literature
Four to Doomsday Studio Recording ; Saturday Night at the Mill ; Theme Music Video ; Radio Times Billings
(Doctor Who: Mara Tales Box Set)
Dream Time ; Peter Grimwade: Directing With Attitude ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; Optional CGI Effects
The Visitation Directing Who ; Writing a Final Visitation
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
Black Orchid Now & Then ; Deleted Scenes ; Stripped for Action ; The Fifth Doctor ; Blue Peter ; Points of View ; Film Restoration ; Radio Times Listings
Earthshock Putting the ‘Shock’ into Earthshock ; 40th Anniversary ; CGI Effects ; Location Film Sequences ; Music-only Option ; Did you See? ; Episode 5
(Doctor Who: Time-Flight & Arc of Infinity)
Mouth on Legs ; Deleted Scenes ; Jurassic Larks ; Out-takes ; Peter Grimwade Interview ; Doctor Who Annual 1983 ; Radio Times Billings
Arc of Infinity
(Doctor Who: Time-Flight & Arc of Infinity)
Anti-matter from Amsterdam ; The Omega Factor ; Deleted Scenes ; Under Arc Lights ; CGI Effects ; Continuities ; Isolated Music ; Radio Times Billings ; Doctor Who Annual 1983
(Doctor Who: Mara Tales Box Set)
Snake Charmer ; In Studio ; Deleted Scenes ; Saturday Superstore ; Isolated Music Score
Mawdryn Undead
(Doctor Who: Black Guardian Trilogy Box Set)
Who Wants to Live Forever ; Liberty Hall ; Deleted & Extended Scenes ; Film Trims and Out-takes ; CGI Effects ; Studio Floorboards
(Doctor Who: Black Guardian Trilogy Box Set)
Breaking Point ; Origins of the Universe ; Original Storyboards and Model Shots ; CGI Effects
(Doctor Who: Black Guardian Trilogy Box Set)
Remastered movie version with new special effects ; Winner Takes All ; Casting Off ; Single Write Female ; The Story of the Guardians ; Storyboards ; Re-Enlightenment ; Original Edit Comparison ; Film Trims ; Finding Mark Strickson ; Finding Sarah Sutton ; Russell Harty’s Christmas Party ; Radio Times Doctor Who 20th Anniversity Special
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
The King’s Demons
(Doctor Who: Kamelion Box Set)
Kamelion : Metal Man ; Magna Carta ; isolated score ; Radio Times listings (PDF)
The Five Doctors Celebration ; Isolated Music ; Radio Times Billings ; Trailers and Continuity Announcements ; The Ties That Bind Us ; Five Doctors ; One Studio ; Out-takes ; [Not So] Special Effects ; Saturday Superstore ; Blue Peter ; Nationwide ; Breakfast Time ; Isolated Music ; « Trails and continuities »; Special hidden feature
Sur l’édition spéciale : Nouveaux effets spéciaux; Saturday Superstore ; Blue Peter Nationwide et Breakfast Time forment un seul et même bonus: « Publicity Clips ».
Warriors of the Deep
(Doctor Who: Beneath The Surface Box Set)
The Depths ; They Came from Beneath the Sea ; Science in Action ; Trails and Continuities ; Isolated Music ; Radio Times Billings
The Awakening
(Doctor Who: Earth Story Box Set)
Return to Little Hodcombe ; Making the Malus ; Now and Then ; From the Cutting Room Floor ; Golden Egg Awards
Frontios Driven to Distractation ; Deleted and Extended Scenes
Resurrection of the Daleks
(coffret the complete Davros collection et Doctor Who: Revisitations 2 Box Set)
Resurrection of the Daleks ; On Location ; Deleted Scenes ; Breakfast Time Features ; BBC 1 Trailer ; Music-only Option ; Tardis-Cam No. 4
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
Planet of Fire
(Doctor Who: Kamelion Box Set)
Return to the Planet of Fire ; Designs on Sarn ; Special Edition ; Introduction by Fiona Cunning ; Calling the Shots ; Remembering Anthony Ainley ; Deleted and Extended Scenes
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
The Caves of Androzani
(Doctor Who: Revisitations 1 Box Set)
Extended Scene ; Behind the scenes ; the Regeneration ; Behind the scenes ; Creating Sharaz Jek ; News Report ; News Feature ; Music-only Option ; BBC 1 Trailer
Sur l’édition spéciale : Chain Reaction (making-of) ; Directing Who : Then and Now ; Behind the Scenes – The Regeneration ; Behind the Scenes : Creating Sharaz Jek ; Extended Scenes ; Russel Harty (Davison et C. Baker parlent du passage d’un à l’autre) ; News Report (sur le départ de Davison) ; Isolated Score (les musiques de l’épisode) ; plus le reste dont on a l’habitude.

Sixième Docteur

The Twin Dilemma Look 100 years younger ; The Star Man ; Stripped for Action ; The Sixth Doctor ; Breakfast Time ; Blue Peter ; Radio Times Listings
Attack of the Cybermen The Cold War ; The Cyber Story ; The Cyber-Generations ; Human Cyborg ; Trailers and Continuity ; Isolated Music ; Radio Times Listings
Vengeance on Varos Deleted Scenes ; On the Studio Floor ; Unmixed Soundtrack ; BBC 1 Trailers ; Outtakes ; Nice or Nasty? ; The Idiot’s Lantern ; Tomorrow’s Times ; The Sixth Doctor
Sur l’édition spéciale : Commentary avec Colin ; Nicola et Nabil Shaban (Sil). 5.1 Sound Mix ; Nice or Nasty ? (documentaire sur la création du serial) ; The Idiot’s Lantern (documentaire sur la télévision dans DW) ; Tomorrow’s Time – The Sixth Doctor (les réactions de la presse de l’époque sur le casting de Colin ; [Note personnelle : avec un article hilarant sur son sex appeal incroyable]) ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; Behind the Scenes ; Outtakes ; Alternative Music Clip ; BBC News (de l’époque ; encore sur le casting de Colin) ; Breakfast Time ; Saturday Superstore ; French and Saunders ; Trailer and Continuities ; Radio Times Listing and BBC Sales Sheet ; Isolated Music Score ; et les machins habituels.
The Mark of the Rani Lords and Luddites ; Deleted Scenes ; Now and Then ; Playing with Time ; Blue Peter ; Saturday Superstore ; Alternative Soundtrack ; Isolated Music Score ; Doctor Who Annual 1985 ; Radio Times Billings
The Two Doctors Music-only Option ; A Fix with Sontarans ; Behind the Sofa: Robert Holmes and Doctor Who ; Beneath the Lights ; Beneath the Sun ; Adventures in Time and Space ; Wavelength
Timelash The Good ; the Bad and the Ugly ; Radio Times Billings
Revelation of the Daleks
(coffret the complete Davros collection)
Revelation Exhumed ; CGI Effects ; In Studio ; Deleted Scenes ; Music-only Option ; Continuity
The Mysterious Planet
(Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord)
The Making of The Mysterious Planet ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; 35mm Film Sequence ; Trailers and Continuity ; Music Videos ; Wogan ; Blue Peter ; Points of View
(Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord)
The Making of Mindwarp ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; Now and Then ; On the Trail of a Time Lord ; A Fate Worse Than Death ; Children in Need ; Trails and Continuity ; Lenny Henry Comedy Sketch
Terror of the Vervoids
(Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord)
The Making of Terror of the Vervoids ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; The Lost Season ; Trailers and Continuity ; Now ; Get Out of That ; The Saturday Picture Show
The Ultimate Foe
(Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord)
The Making of The Ultimate Foe ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; Trials and Tribulations ; Trailers and Continuity ; 1985 Hiatus ; Doctor in Distress ; Open Air ; The Saturday Superstore ; Radio Times Billings and Media Coverage

Septième Docteur

Time and the Rani The Last Chance Saloon ; 7D FX ; Helter-Skelter ; Lakertya ; Hot Gossip ; On Location ; Blue Peter
Paradise Towers Horror on the High Rise ; Casting Sylvester ; Girls! Girls! Girls! The 70s ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; Alternative Soundtrack
Delta and the Bannermen But First This ; Interview Rushes ; Wales Today ; Part One: First edit ; Hugh and Us ; Clown Court ; Stripped for Action: The Seventh Doctor
(Doctor Who: Ace Adventures Box Set)
The Fire and Ice ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; The Doctor’s Strange Love ; Big Bang Theory ; Isolated Music
Remembrance of the Daleks
(coffret the complete Davros collection)
Back to School ; Remembrances ; Davros Collections ; Extended and Deleted Scenes ; Outtakes ; Multi-Angle Sequences
Sur l’édition spéciale : ??
The Happiness Patrol
(Doctor Who: Ace Adventures Box Set)
Making-Of Documentary ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; « Ace » wishes Blue Peter Happy Birthday ; Politics in Doctor Who
Silver Nemesis
(Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen & Silver Nemesis Box Set)
Industrial Action ; Deleted and Extended Scenes
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy The Show Must Go On ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; The Physic Circus ; Tomorrow’s Times
Battlefield Storm Over Avallion ; Past and Future King ; Watertank ; From Kingdom to Queen ; Studio Recording ; Special Edition
Ghost Light Light in Dark Places ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; Shooting Ghosts ; Writer’s Question Time
The Curse of Fenric Nebula ’90 ; Take Two ; Modelling the Dead ; Claws and Effects ; Clean Title Sequence ; Special Edition ; Shattering the Chains ; Costume Design ; Recutting the Runes
Survival Cat Flap ; Deleted and Extended Scenes ; Outtakes ; Engame ; Search Out Science ; Little Girl Lost ; Destiny of the Doctors

Huitième Docteur :

The TV Movie
(Doctor Who : Revisitations 1 Box Set)
édition spéciale : deux commentaires : par le réalisateur (Geoffrey Sax) et avec Briggs ; McCoy et McGann ; The Seven Year Hitch (documentaire sur la longue quête que fut le retour de DW à la télé) ; The Doctor’s Strange Love (sur les fans qui ont appris à apprécier le film. Un bien étrange sujet.) ; Behind The Scenes (pendant le tournage) ; Electronic Press Kit (court documentaire et interviews de l’époque) ; Philip Segal’s Tour of the TARDIS ; Alternate Takes ; BBC Trails ; Who Peter 1989-2009 ; VFX Tests June 1994 ; VFX March 1996 ; The Wilderness Years (documentaire sur la période 1989-1996) ; Stripped for Action – The Eighth Doctor (sur les comics de ce docteur) ; Music Tracks ; Tomorrow’s Time – The Eighth Doctor (les réactions de la presse de l’époque).


Les Daleks envahissent la Terre Dalekmania
(Doctor Who: The Legacy Collection Box Set)
disque 1 : Shada BBCi / Big Finish version ; Coming Soon ; disque 2 : Taken out of Time ; Now & Then ; Strike! Strike! Strike! ; Being a Girl ; Photo Gallery
More Than Thirty Years in the TARDIS
(Doctor Who: The Legacy Collection Box Set)
Remembering Nicholas Courtney ; The Lambert Tapes ; Those Deadly Divas ; Photo Gallery ; PDF Materials
Scream of the Shalka The Screaming Sessions ; Carry on Screaming

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